Just like eating right and exercising, sleep is incredibly crucial. But a lot of adults struggle with getting the right sleep. If you’ve been there before, you’re not alone.  While there are other suggestions, maybe the habits aren’t enough. 

Which is why more and more are exploring the use of cannabis as a way to potentially help as a sleep aid. 

But does it work? Let’s talk about that and figure out the best strains to help you catch some Zs easily. 

Can Marijuana Help You Sleep? 

Yes, it can in some cases. While the research is still very new, there are some new discoveries involving both THC and CBD, which both contain cannabinoids. 

THC of course is the one that has the “high” effects in cannabis products. According to a review in 2020, it’s been found that there is definitely some research which says that THC does help people fall asleep and stay asleep faster. However, it decrease rem sleep, which is where dreams occur. 

This may help you sleep in some ways, especially if you struggle, but a lot of the studies are still low quality, so making firm conclusions isn’t really all that possible in this stage of the game. 

Cannabis withdrawal does occur in some instances, but there isn’t enough research to say one way or another. 

There has been more research on the effects of CBD, with several studies suggesting that the THC is more of a sedative, while the CBD is a bit more of a reviving sort of component.  Some people have mentioned that after taking CBD their sleep improved. Some people may take one that has equal amounts of both, which improves sleep and helps with those with pain. 

So while there isn’t’ one specific reason for one or the other, they both may work together to help you get some good sleep in the long haul. 

What Strains Should I have 

While there is still the THC and CBD debates, there’s also the indica and sativa parts of this too. For the most part, it’s either indica, sativa, or even a hybrid option.  Sometimes, those that are derived from sativa is energizing, while those that are indica seem to be more sedative. Hybrid falls right in the middle. 

If you want to get better sleep, you should have strains that are indica, or indica-dominant hybrids. Talking to a budtender at the dispensary is probably your best way to figure out which ones to use. 

Best Strains to sleep 

There are some strains which may offer you better sleep. 

The first is Hindu Kush, which depending on the THC amounts, it can be good for those who want an indica sleep, and those who would like to have a good sleep without it being challenged. 

There is also grandaddy purple, which is another indica strain with a purple color, known to sedate and relax the muscles. It’s good for those who are sleep challenged, but make sure that you are mindful of the THC content in this, since you may end up taking too much. 

If you’re someone who doesn’t want something too psychoactive, and instead want something more CBD focused, the harlequin is a good one to help mellow. This is 1:1 which means equal THC and CBD, so it’s good for helping with sleep and pain, without making you paranoid. 

Finally, there is grape ape, which has a moderate amount of THC, and is pretty rich, and also contains a high amount of myrcene. 

THC can help sleep, and tis helped analyze some cannabis strains

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