Psychedelics are pretty many chemicals in plants that cause psychoactive actions to happen which changes your cognitive, mood, and perception processes. 

Some of the most common include mushrooms, mescaline found in cacti, LSD, ayahuasca, and also DMT. 

These are mind-altering, and usually they’re plants that grow in the Amazon, Pacific Northwest, and even in the Himalayas. 

Some people take these, but they’re not something new. It actually has been used before the word was a thing, being used in ceremonies and rituals as a way to possibly get into better contact with the deities and such. 

However, in the middle of the 20th century, it was found that there was therapeutic benefits to this as well. During the 1960s, more than a thousand different papers were written about the usage of psychedelic drug therapies, which was spearheaded by those who saw the medical benefits, and also the therapeutic benefits that happened. 

So why don’t we see more of this? 

Well in 1970, the controlled substances act happened which essentially sanctioned these as drugs, and then, the war on drugs soon tarnished all of this. 

There are studies however as of late starting to come back, with more and more scientists looking into psychedelics, exploring the different medicinal properties that this can help with. Some research has shown some promise on how this can help with PTSD, substance dependency, anxiety, depression, and also help with care at the end of life. 

Entheogen Psychedelics 

This was coined back in 1957 to help identify the substances that would reveal different tidbits that might be useful. 

However, the term that scientists have used for these mind-altering psychoactive substances is entheogens. 

That’s because of the negative connotation of psychedelics that we all had and the baggage from this. 

They’re not just used by “hippies” but also they’re helpful for patients and doctors to help with different aspects, offering recovery without bias and stigma of such. 

This also comes from a Greek word that means “generating god within you.” These entheogens are essentially still life-altering but offer profound and interesting insights into consciousness and the nature of life. 

What does it Do to the body 

It can elevate the heart rate, body temp, and your hormones, especially oxytocin and cortisol. 

That’s why if you’re going to take this, they encourage you to make sure that you’re not in a place with a bunch of anxiety-inducing or unpleasant experiences sometimes. 

These can change your perceptions and sensory, offering detailed images and patterns.  This also offers more openness to people, a better understanding of your world, better control, and even more trust and concern for other people. 

This is one of the most meaningful things to do with your life. 


The biggest benefit that these bring is a better understanding of others and of the divine. It makes you feel like everything’s connected, that time is gone, and oftentimes, very positive emotions. 

This also has helped others transform themselves, reducing depression, addiction, and even anxiety symptoms. It offers a means to refocus your life, and it let you dive deep into your consciousness to fully understand yourself and the world around you. 

Right now though, these aren’t legal because they can oftentimes dissolve a lot of the different aspects that have been laid into place. 

It’s a new type of therapy, and there is a lot of different research that helps with treating different disorders and is an alternative for those that don’t use conventional means. 

Whether we see more usage of this is something that time will tell. 

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