You have come across different terms such as CBD, hemp, and cannabis. However, have you ever asked yourself how these terms are related? We’re about to look into the relationship between hemp and marijuana. You’ll then have an in-depth understanding of what marijuana is and what hemp is. You’ll also get to understand why the distinction between the two terms matters. 

Many people have been baffled by the relationship between marijuana and hemp. Is the difference in the THC content? Is it the plant sex? Or are there other factors?

If you’re among the confused individuals, worry no more! We’ll clarify everything here.

Are Hemp and Marijuana the Same Plant?

Marijuana and hemp are plants that have a similar genus which is cannabis. The plants also belong to the same species, which is Cannabis sativa. If you want to understand the difference between these two plants, you need to understand the subtypes of cannabis plants or cultivars.

The cannabis cultivar types include:

1. Cultivars are usually grown for seeds that can be pressed to produce hemp oil, or they can be consumed raw

2. Cultivars are meant for industrial use, and they have fewer branches and larger stems

3. Cultivars are mainly grown for the active cannabinoids that are present in the buds, and they can be used for both recreational and medicinal purposes

The first and third cultivars are hemp, whereas the other one is cannabis. The main issue that arises now is, how do you ascertain which one is hemp and which one is cannabis?

Looking Into the Distinction Between Cannabis and Hemp?

Cannabis and hemp are mainly defined by the THC concentration levels present in each plant. In Canada and the U.S., hemp is a plant that has a high concentration of THC. In the E.U., the hemp plant is believed to have a THC level of below 0.2 percent. The industrial hemp association in the E.U. wants to ensure there is standardization since the competition is supposed to be fair.

Legalities Revolving Around Cannabis and Hemp

In the U.S., cannabis was legal at some point, and it was declared illegal in 1970. Currently, things have changed, and cannabis is now legal in some states.

In Europe, there are no accurate figures as to when cannabis was legalized or criminalized. However, the consumption is hemp with a THC level of lower than 0.2 percent is legal in nations such as Portugal. The hemp plant can be used for recreational purposes.

Why is THC Important?

Some people are wondering whether hemp plants are cultivated because they have a lower THC level. That may not be true. The hemp plants are cultivated for industrial purposes, and they have a different appearance from marijuana plants. A marijuana plant is “stalky” and short and has numerous branches, heavy buds, and small leaves. An industrial hemp plant, on the other hand, is taller and has slender leaves, fewer branches, and thick stems.

You can grow the hemp plants close together. The growth cycle also takes at least 120 days. As for marijuana, it is a high-maintenance plant, and it needs a gentle touch compared to other plants. The plant is also supposed to be grown in a well-controlled and warm environment. Each plant is also supposed to grow at least a meter apart. The marijuana plant’s growth cycle is also 90 days. When you expose the marijuana plant to hemp pollen, you’ll destroy the entire crop.

What are the Uses of the Marijuana vs. Hemp Plants?

Both marijuana and hemp plants originate from a similar species. Nevertheless, each plant has different uses. The hemp plant is mainly used because of the fibers since the plant is less bushy and taller. The fibers are used to create different products, including paper and clothes.

The main uses of hemp include:

1) Textiles

Hemp is used for:

• Paper

• Building materials

• Cord and ropes

2) Seeds

The seeds are mainly used for the production of CBD oil.

Marijuana is mainly used for the terpenes and cannabinoids, chemical components present in the flowers.

The main uses of marijuana include:

1. Holistic use

2. Recreational enjoyment

3. Infusing oils (CBD or THC)

4. Creating extractions

Final Thoughts

You now have an overview of the difference between hemp and cannabis plants. After reading through the entire piece, you’ll understand how you can differentiate the hemp and cannabis plants, and you won’t be a victim of any further confusion.

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